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Welcome to the Crete Area Chamber of Commerce!


Whether you are a current or prospective business owner, the Chamber would like to invite you to become a member

of our growing business organization. The Chamber has made good strides this year in promoting its member

businesses and forming a collective voice in the region.

The Chamber's mission is to enthusiastically and aggressively improve the business climate in

the Crete region through community involvement, and through business promotion and

activity support. Chamber priorities for the coming year include fine-tuning operations,

advances in communication and higher visibility for the Chamber and its members.

We at the Crete Area Chamber of Commerce

look forward to having you join us and work with us to make

Crete a better place to work, live, play and profit.


Thank You!


Thanks for subscribing!


Did you know Crete has a cookbook?

Purchase one today & Enjoy your neighbors' favorite dishes!

Cookbooks can be purchased at Crete Country Store at 1390 Main Street - located inside The Old Town Mall

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