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Crete Cookbook

Did you know Crete has a cookbook?
Purchase one today & enjoy your neighbors' favorite dishes!
$10.00 each

If you're interested in purchasing a cookbook, email us at

for more information!

recipe book 2.jpg

Crete Murals

The Crete Area Chamber of Commerce oversees the Crete Mural Committee to visually present the rich history of Crete in a series of colorful murals. Placed in significant locations, the murals enhance the streets and atmosphere of beautiful, quaint Crete.

Mural 1
Reflections of Crete, Illinois on Historic "Dixie Highway" 
Mural 2
The Founding of Crete
Mural 2.jpg
Mural 2 Text.jpg
Mural 3
The Hartmann Building
Mural 3.jpg
Mural 3 Text.jpg


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